24 January 2018

A quick comment

Hi All

Just something I should have made more clear from my first post on the Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War rules (and I've now gone back and updated that page):

I've shared various iterations of these rules with Piers and Warwick who have provided very valuable feedback and direction that, along with playtesting, have lead this variant to where it is now. So the package of rules that is listed in the first blog post contains work and ideas from Warwick, Piers and myself that can be considered a very early draft of Ironfist Publishing's planned Battlegroup:NORTHAG. It is very much the beginning of the project and should be seen as a Work-In-Progress.

So Warwick and Piers are looking for feedback on the rules and will be reading any AARs that are posted up on The Guild with interest. This is can be seen as an opportunity to have a crack at the rules, and let them know what you think. This is a chance to positively influence BG:NORTHAG with practical, useful feedback and hopefully get a fun game in as well.

I hope this clarifies things.



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