11 January 2012

"WINGS" Part 3 W-I-P & Happy New Year

Well happy new year everyone out there. Been a little busy over the break and avoiding computers so I can focus on getting other stuff done!

Anyway - I missed the deadline for the Guild "WINGS" Group build but thought I should show you where I got up to.

First up - heres a pick of the MiG after applying layer upon layer of GW Liquid Green stuff and then once it was all dry - filing it off.


Worked pretty well and I was happy with the result.

Here is the next step - a white undercoat


And the next step - base air-brush coat of Tamiya Dark Yellow and then some air-brushed cam stripes in Tamiya Olive Green.


Not real happy with how the stripes turned out - but I'l deal with that sometime in the future...

The MiG was then taped up with Tamiya 6mm masking tape and a Tamiya Light Blue was air-brushed onto the under surfaces.


Once dry it looked like this.


I'm actually pretty chuffed with how well the tape worked - and definitley will be using that again.

The plane has now been covered in future floor polish and at this point in time has been pushed to the back of the line while I concentrate on other stuff - namely comission work...

Anyway - I'm looking forward to this new year and I hope its a great one for all of you.

Take care and have fun...