21 December 2014

Photo Review of Liberation Miniatures BTR-60PB

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on 3 Liberation Miniatures (or RH Models) Soviet BTR-60PBs.

I have pretty much avoided BTRs up to this point as I have plenty of BMPs, and who want to play Category B units (I thought), but after being stung by the Soviet Naval Infantry bug, the need became much greater.  So I succumbed...

...and was amazed at the quality of these little beauties.  These are extremely crisply cast models, with nary an air hole or bubble in sight.  Awesome detail and only 10 peices.  1 resin hull, 8 metal wheels and the turret, which is all 1 peice.

Everything goes together very simply and this is what you end up with:

As you can see - really well cast models - totally in love with these little guys - so much so they've already been sprayed and I hope to have them finished before the new year.

So heartily endorsed!  2 thumbs up!

Have fun


02 December 2014

More massed M113 mob madness

Just a few quick pics updating where this little project has progressed to in the last few days:

These "specialist" vehicles have all had cam nets added.  I had some spare bits from an old ESCI M113, so have added spare track links to all the AFVs and additional wheels to a couple.

All these have had additional stowage added and cam nets.

I plan on using this one as either a standard APC, or if I need a "special" M113 - like an engineers vehicle or something like that.  I like the ladder and can imagine it being "borrowed" as someone thought it might come in handy.

This will be my command track, with a full interior.  It's an ESCI kit with a few bits and peices added on the inside.

This is my not-so-quick, but still dirty (and not 100% complete) conversion of a S&S Models M577 that I got a couple of years back from a mate.  I wasn't happy with the amount of detail on the back or front, part of the generator (and tracks) had been broken, and I wanted to see if I could make it crewed.

So I've added a number of ESCI parts - the rear ramp, the trim vane, headlights, track guards (cut-down) and driver's hatch.  To fit the 1/72 track guard to a 1/76 model, it needed to be cut down - and is still not perfect as you can see in the middle photo at the rear.  I also had to add so plastic card mud guards at the front as this was missing.

It took a while, but I drilled and dug out the drivers position, and have the hatch open, so it can now be crewed.  I need to add back the drivers periscopes.

I filed down the side of the generator and added a thin peice of plastic card, which I drilled a few holes though to represent what it really looks like.

I also added a large cam net to the roof and tent poles to the upper rear, as that's where they were stowed.

The tracks also need to be fixed, and I should add at least 1 jerry can to the rear and maybe some more stowage on the roof.

So whilst it's no where near perfect - it's good enough for me.

That's it