30 April 2013

Zvezda German Medical Personnel

Well I've been building a fair amount of models and figures lately - but painting next to nothing - hence not much to show here for a while - so I decided I wanted to quickly finish a couple of things.

One of the figure sets I had put together for BGK and BGO was this Zvezda set:

I really liked this very cheap ($5.00) set which was crisply made and painted up fairly quickly - less than 3 1/2 hours over a couple of nights - which for me is quite fast.  I decided not to go with the white helmets and red crosses as both the un-injured chaps were carrying rifles - so I thought it better that it look like these were the wounded soldiers comrades carrying them to the aid station - or something like that.

Not the best photos - again... but I was doing it quite quickly so here are the results:

Photos are very dark for some reason - I think the figures look better in the flesh - so to speak.

Anyway - tonight I'll add some grass and finish these guys off - along some some other German troops I've nearly finished.

Probably a week or 2 more of WW2 stuff, then back to Cold War models - where I've added some nice stuff to my stash lately.

Have fun


11 April 2013

Fun with my Grandson

Well we had our 10 year old grandson down to stay with us over the last few days and had a great time.  We played a few board games - Space Hulk (the original), the fairly new X-Wing Miniatures Game, Carcassone and Settlers of Catan - all of which were very new to him.

Fairly early on I took him down to my local hobby store and he selected a Hobbyboss CH-46 Seaknight kit to make with me and a box of Airfix WW2 British Commandos.

Over the course of his stay he made the kit annd painted some figures - first time for each.  I had him remove all the pastic peices from the sprues and I cleaned them up for him.  He then glued everything together, spray undercoated and base coated the helo, and then helped me put the decals on.  I painted the windows and a few other things for him.  ....I'm a big fan of painted windows....

Here is the end result - of which I am very impressed!

It was our first Hobbyboss kit - and came together very nicely.  We took our time and the end result was excellent.

I left the rotor blades as seperate so they could cope with the plane flight home.

We also painted his "Army Men"

I painted a couple to help him have an idea of what they could look like - and helped him take care of what was left.  One of them got turned into a Terminator Commando along the way....

So that's it for now

Have fun


02 April 2013

More Soviet ACE kits

Over Easter I was up in Newcastle visiting one of my best mates and his family and we popped into Frontline Hobbies - a fantastic hobby store with friendly and useful staff and a great selection - which I recommend to anyone.  I was very chuffed to picked up this:

Which will be added to my Soviets - without the recoilless rifle in the pic - which may get transplanted onto a cut-down Airfix Land Rover for my British Paras.

I also grabbed 1 of these little tubs - MIG Productions - Europe Dry Mud.

I'd never seen this product before - but it looked pretty good - so I thought I'd give it a go.

When we got home I decided to use the MUD to finish is three more ACE kits - 2 x 2S1 Gvozdika (Carnation) Self-Propelled 122mm guns and a BMP variant - the PRP-3.

Here is how they turned out:

So I'm basically quite happy with how these have turned out.  Soon I hope to be able to show you my entire 2S1 Battery and associated vehicles - just need to finish a supply truck first.

Have fun


The curse of the W-I-P!

Well the work-in-progress curse has struck again.  I have only until next Monday to complete the Recreate a photo build and two things have happened:

1.  I've ordered this promodeller weathering wash product from Hong Kong

But unfortunately it has not arrived yet... but you may still find the youtube clip useful.

2.  My 10 yr old grandson is arriving tomorrow to spend a week with us - so I see very little chance of getting any modelling done anyway!  Still - I'm very happy to be able to spend some quality time with him.

So... I will finish this build eventually - I'm learning lots about dealing with planes which will be useful in the future... and I've always wanted to do this kind of thing anyway.

Tonight I'll add in a couple of W-I-P pics...