23 June 2017

Best News Ever

Best news ever!!!!  Battlegroup NORTHAG is coming!!!

This was announced last night (my time) on the PSC Facebook site along with PSC's standard website.  On the website is says this:

I have given the go ahead to finish off Battlegroup Northag - a cold war version of our popular Battlegroup WW2 rules system. We have a "work in progress" set of rules and army lists, the basis of which has very kindly provided  by some Battlegroup enthusiasts.

I don't want to brag, but I'm relatively sure the "work-in-progress" set of rules and army lists mentioned here by Will Townsend are the ones I've been working on for a while now and supplied to Warwick Kinrade and Piers Brand earlier this year (and the rules again on Friday my time - houre before the announcement when another copy was requested).  At the very least, my rules and lists have contributed to their WIP set of rules and lists.  Apart from the rules I've supplied them over a dozen army lists.  Anyway I'm more than a little chuffed by that and hope to be involved into the future.

Again in super positive news PSC have decided to release this:

3 x T-55 in a box! I believe it's up for pre-order now and as soon as they get 200 orders they'll start producing it.  PSC have also announced they are working on a plastic 15mm Leopard 1 kit that you'.. be able to make a huge variety of kits from.  It the 20mm T-55 kits sell well, they'll produce the Leopard 1 in 20mm as well.

So enough gushing from me... Go order your 20mm T-55 box sets now!!!



21 June 2017

Danish Centurions - Work-In-Progress - Part 4

Another quick update as we are closing in on the finish line with these 2 Centurions.  Last night I was able to get a fair bit of work done (not that you can really tell in the photos...) with several dry-brush coats over the light green:

Then I had a little time left so started to paint the first colour on the cam nets on both, and the ammo cans and Jerry cans on the Britannia Centurion.

So hopefully these two will be finished over the weekend and ten I just have to deal with the "Tacky Tracked Beast from Hell" to finish off the platoon.



20 June 2017

Danish Centurions - Work-In-Progress - Part 3

Very quick update today.  Last night I black-lined 2 of the Centurions and took a quick pic:

I was trying to have these finished by Friday, but very much doubt that will be the case!

Anyhow - that's it for now.


19 June 2017

Danish Centurions - Work-In-Progress - Part 2

Back in May 2015 I posted Part One of a Work-In-Progress for my Danish Centurions.  At the time I had made two Airfix Centurions and needed another one to make up a Platoon.  Finding a third Airfix one proved essentially impossible, so I got a Britannia Centurion instead.

I needed to adjust the Britannia Centurion slightly as it is representing an Aussie Cent in Vietnam and has two spare wheels on the front glacis.  They were carefully removed and some camo netting placed there to cover any mistakes.  The head of the driver was severely miscast and had to be loped off!  Poor chap.  Apart from that I added some S&S Centurion smoke dischargers and filled in as many holes as I could before it drove me insane.  (Still missed plenty).

I sprayed all 3 of them black a month ago or so and that's when I hit my first major (and still not resolved) problem.  One Airfix Centurion took the spray perfectly, while the tracks on the second one turned extremely tacky and went glossy and remain so to this day.  It makes it really tough to handle the tank and I'm not 100% sure what to do at this point.  So after this WIP I'll concentrate on finishing the other 2 and then turn my attention to the one that's not playing nice.

Anyway - so rather than taking my normal route of masking off some black areas and spraying, I decided to simply brush paint on the light green cam colour.  Here is how they turned out:

So that's looking OK - ready of the next few steps...  You can see the Centurion in the middle is sitting on an old Itunes card.  I didn't want it sticking to my desk and if you look closely you can see track marks on the card!  It leaves marks on you finger when you pick it up wrong as well.

So let's ignore that one for now and over the next few days, I hope we'll see progress in the other two.

Onwards and upwards


18 June 2017

Danish M150 or Danish M113 with TOW ATGM

There appears to be some debate at present as to whether or not there was any such vehicle as the M150 or was it simply a M113 with TOW ATGM.  I don't have an opinion, although everytime I decide it's an M150, I find further evidence that it wasn't, and then more evidence that it was.

Anyway - the Danes had them and I decided to make one!  I used a S-Model M113 as the basis (as I had one spare from the rest of the platoon (2 boxes of two).  I used a Dragon TOW system (from the spectacularly useful HMMWV box sets) and both AB Figures and Elhiem for the crew.  I also used some ValueGear stowage - pretty much the same as in my previous post.

Onto the pics:

Originally I had planned on having the TOW face forwards, but once the drive and the .50 cal were in place I thought it made the front of the vehicle look to "crowded" so I decided to have it firing off to the side.  Hopefully you can see the TOW tripod legs, folded up on the rear deck.

Finally - here is a pic of the M113 Platoon and the M150 (or not):

That's it for today.



14 June 2017

The Mechanised Bit - Danish M113 Platoon

OK - so on with the show and onto the transports for the troops shown last week.  The Armoured Personnel Carrier of choice for the Danes was the ubiquitous M113A1.  I've chosen to use the excellent S-Models M113 and have added some bits and pieces of stowage primarily from Value Gear and other model kits.  Figures are all AB Figures - British Tank Crew in Pixie Suits.

Here is the Platoon Commanders track:

1st Squad's Track:

2nd Squad's Track:

Now the whole platoon:

So there they are.  Ready to roll out and take on some Soviets...

Thanks for looking


08 June 2017

Danish Mechanised Infantry Platoon sans the mechanised bit

Another group of Elhiem NATO and West German figures finished about a week ago, that had to wait to be photographed.  And now they are done under the guise of Danes.  I did a reasonable amount of research and this is my best stab at a Platoon TO&E.  They will initially be transported by M113, and at some stage I'll have the option to mount them in trucks.

First up the Platoon Command Squad

In the future I'll be changing out a few figures to make this more accurate but it will do for now.  I'll add in a "proper" officer figure with an Hovea M/49 SMG and a radio operator, and replace the mortar team with a proper 60mm mortar.  The current mortar team will then be moved to be a medium mortar supporting leg infantry or home guard units.

Now the first squad:

Pretty straight forward set-up.  NCO, Carl Gustav MAW gunner, MG3 gunner (called a M/62 in Danish Service) and 5 chaps with the Danish M/75 (which is their G3 equivalent)

And the second squad has exactly the same make-up:

That's the platoon as it stands.  I also painted up an old (and unavailable?) West German Redeye SAM operator, known in Danish service as the Hamlet or SAMlet:

So all I'm missing now is a medic and a sustained fire GPMG Team.  Elhiem don't make either at the moment - I'll just keep my fingers crossed.  AT least I now have enough Danish infantry for a decent game - once I finish their M113s...

...and the Centurions...   Well now you know my plans for the next month!