18 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front AFV and Weapon Data

As the final part of this weeks uploads which will complete everything you really need to play my variant of Battlegroup:Cold War I'm adding all the Soviet and NATO AFV and gun data for the lists I provided earlier this week.

First up the NATO info:

Canadian AFV Data

Danish AFV Data



West German AFV Data

NATO Gun Data

Now the Soviet info:

Soviet Army AFV Data

Soviet SNI Data

Soviet Gun Data

I've tried to stat the vehicles and guns as best I could, but as always I don't claim to be 100% knowledgeable on this stuff, just tried to piece it together from what I've read over the years.  As I said earlier we've go decent games from these stats and where we ended up with "What the.." moments I've adjusted values accordingly.

Also happy to get feedback, corrections, suggestions and even objections!  Happy to make changes where appropriate.

So that's pretty much it for this week.  I'm away for work most of next week so my not get much of a chance to add any more info - but immediately after that I'll start adding the Arctic Front lists and stats.  I've also to add Aircraft and Helicopter data when I can.




  1. PLayed a game with your BG variant, Richard. It was much fun. Very thoughtful rules made for a very realistic and challenging game. You've done an excellent job with the equipment capabilities, army lists, and rules mods themselves.

    I uploaded a blog post about it. Feel free to stop by and have a look. Well done sir!


  2. Thanks Steven - I'm super impressed with how fast you put that game together. It works well in 15mm doesn't it. Next time you might want to upgrade those basic M1s!

    Thanks so much for giving the variant a crack


    1. No problem Richard. Love what you've done here. Very thorough representation. I will play again. Hopefully I can deliver a better performance than last time!

    2. Also yes I am enjoying playing in 15mm. I do the same in WWII. 20mm would be awesome (especially for availability of models) but I only have a 6 x 4 table so my WWII and Modern stuff is all in 15mm.

    3. Thanks again Steven - I've pointed people to your blog on the Guild as well so they can see someone other than me use the rules.

      I assume that the game would still work well in 6, 10 or 12mm where the benefits of a 6x4 become even better!

      Take care


  3. Hello Richard,
    First I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work with this project and your enthousiasm at sharing its fruits with us all. I am very enthousiastic about our upcoming first game next Saturday.

    During my preparations, a question occured to me. I noticed that aside from ATGM, vehicles don't have an ammo caracteristic for their main gun. Is that an intended design preference? I would like that idea but just want to make sure. As per the normal ammo ratio (real life vs BG) a T-72 would have 4 shots and a Leopards 2A1 around 5, which I feel is limited, so I would enjoy a game where vehicles benefit from more ammos. So I would like to know your thoughts about this. Ammo or no ammo for tank guns? How did you play that and why do you prefer that solution? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jean-Philippe. Thanks for your interest and its my pleasure to share my project with you.

      With regard to tank main gun ammo it was a design choice to ignore the standard Battlegroup main gun ammo rules for the vast majority of main battle tanks. My thinking was this is an era when (when it comes to MBTs fighting each other) if you can see it you can kill it. Guns, along with their targeting systems, stabilisation systems and ammunition are highly capable, and the numbers of rounds used to “destroy” an enemy tank would be significantly less than WW2. Thus there is no point in counting ammo as most vehicles would never be able to fire off their full load out in a typical engagement.

      That does not mean in the future we could introduce rules for tanks with limited ammo to reflect growing logistical issues, but that’s a different issue and more likely a scenario or campaign rules - or something like that.

      I decided instead to make the players count missiles, and limit missile ammo, and ammo for things like self-propelled artillery.

      Hope that all makes sense


    2. Indeed, modern warfare is way different than WWII when it comes to technology and the rules ought to reflect that. It does make a different game too!