05 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - Norwegian and USMC AFV Data

Sorry it's been a while since updates.  It's partly because I've been a bit busy and partly because I've been in mourning for the loss of The Guild.  It's very sad that it's gone - mainly due to the loss of all that content, knowledge and inspiration.  It was always a great place to ask questions and chat about the latest shiney thing to hit the wargames market.  I was also hoping it might be a place to see some playtesting on this first crack at BG: NORTHAG.

But anyway - in order to complete all the lists I currently have up here on the blog, here are the Norwegian and USMC AFV data sheets.

Norwegian AFV Data


So now all I have to do is post up the Helicopter Data and I'm kind of done.

Just so you know I'm currently working on the Dutch and East German Army Lists and they will be followed by VDV, Polish and Belgian lists.  Then West German Fallshirmjager, then...................

So still lots to do.

Have fun



  1. Thanks for posting these! I tried to get onto The Guild the other day and it wouldn’t work, I just thought that they were down for maintenance. There’s a message that says ‘Forum is currently updating...so drink wine, eat cheese and catch some rays’. Has something else happened?

  2. From what I understand the parent company was hit with a malware attack and all the data was lost. Just recently getting into 20mm the site was a gold mine of guides, reviews, and etc. There was talk on the BG FB about someone starting a new one but I have not seen anything else on it.

    Rich, these are fantastic! Thanks for all the work you put into these and cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Thanks guys. Yes, Casey is right - The Guild is officially dead and everything lost. I too have seen some discussion about starting again from scratch, but nothing beyond talk at this point in time.

    Loads of great stuff gone forever, but it was also a great community to hang out in.


  4. Damn! Such a shame - I’d only discovered it in the last year as I became aware of Battlegroup, it was a great community.

  5. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for posting these. We tried them out last night and I've put a report on my blog. They played well and most of the stats seemed to work well. We'll give them some more airings shortly but first play through seemed great.

    Thanks again for posting these

    Cheers, Andy


    1. Thanks Andy. Great report and it looks like it was pretty close - except for the poor old West Germans. I've also found that Leo 1's tend to struggle against the better of the Soviet tanks. I must remember to have another look at my QRS and put it up for people to use.

      Ready for any feedback!