28 June 2016

Soviet Military Policeman - by Elhiem Figures

Recently I've had a concentrate on WWII so have not had much of a chance to work on any Cold War stuff - so I thought I'd like to paint something a bit different for a change - and decided to tackle Elhiem Figures Soviet Military Policeman.

Fortunately - Matt's great little figure is fairly similar to the Ron Volstad illustration of a Soviet MP is Steven Zaloga's Osprey classic "Inside the Soviet Army Today".  Bear in mind, by today we mean 1987!  Here is the pic:

And here is my guy:

Please ignore his zombie-like face - not sure what that's all about, but I swear he doesn't look quite so "dead" in real life....  I might just re-visit his face at some point.

So - no idea if I'll ever use him in a game.  I do have MP units in my lists which have the "Rear Area Security" special ability - which allows you once a game ro re-roll a reserves/re-inforcements roll.  If I want to field that unit I need to paint up 3 more MPs...  I can see that happening now!



26 June 2016

More S&S News

I don't do may newsy posts, mainly coz I don't see myself as the font of all Cold War gaming news, but every now and again I see a new release that I think is really worth sharing, and making sure people are aware of it.

In the last week I've seen a few of these - all S&S Models

First up S&S Models has made a MT-12 Rapira 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun.  The first reason this is important is that in many Soviet Category 2 (or B) divisions, these guns would still have been found in the 1980s - certainly a must have for what I have in mind for my Northern Flank games.

The second reason this is important - IS BECAUSE PREVIOUSLY NO ONE MADE ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!  Certainly not in 1/72 or 1/76.  The closest you could find is the older WW2 version called a BS-3 which would require a far amount of conversion - or just squint when you look at it.

All the following pics come straight from the S&S Photobucket gallery:

The second release is probably even more momentous for a 20mm Cold War gamer.  It is slightly more modern than the MT-12, certainly more likely to be found in almost any Soviet Category 1 (or A) division and again - HAS NOT BEEN MADE BY ANYONE!!!!!!  It's the Soviet 2B9 Vasilek automatic 82mm mortar.

This unique weapon system is still being used today and fires 4 round clips of mortar shells.

S&S have also made gunners for the 2B9:

And gunners for the MT-12 (this and the following photos all come from the S&S Models Facebook page)

Some funky AT rounds there!

My final bit of news from S&S Models is one I can honestly say that I've been hanging out for for almost as long as I've been running this blog and planning and playing Cold War games - a 20mm Jaguar1 and Jaguar 2

Here on Shaun's workbench we can see (from left to right) a Raketenjagdpanzer 2, a Beobachtungspanzer, and Jaguar 2 and a Jaguar 1.

Some close ups:

Raketjagdpanzer 2


Jaguar 1

Jaguar 2

So all EXCELLENT news in my book.  S&S Models have also created a very nice looking D-30 artillery peice and crew which is well worth a look at and significantly better than the two D-30s I have... Rats...

My understanding is that the Jaguars are (maybe) available now, while the guns will be available shortly.

Have fun


08 June 2016

The Whole Lot (thus far)...

So a quick pic post today of all the Liberation Miniatures Royal Marines completed thus far:

So - that's it for now.



07 June 2016

Liberation Miniatures Royal Marines - Batch 2

Last night I was able to photograph the second batch of Liberation Miniatures (or RH Models) 20mm figures for my Royal Marines.  So I'll jump straight to the photos:

Officer with L2A3 Sterling SMH (left) and Radio Operator (right)

Section leader (left) and bootneck (right) both with L1A1 SLR.

 Another Section Leader (left) and bootneck (right) both with L1A1

Two of the lads with L1A1

L4A4 (Bren) LMG gunner (left) and L7A2 GPMG gunner (right) trust me - just chose the wrong angle for that chap!

2 more L4A4 gunners - I probably went a bit overboard on them - have way too many...

 That's all the batch 2 lads in one shot.

So - happy that these guys are done - now I just need to finish off a mortar team and I'm about as done as I ever am.  Could do (and should do 2 mortar teams) but I went and lost one tube so I'll have to sort that before I can finish off the second team...  Silly me...