15 July 2013

All aboard the Wunderwaffen!

Like any good wargamer, I'm always looking for the right tool to get one over on my opponents - the golden bullet that will catch him by surprise and give me the edge - at least for 1 game to arrest my long-time loosing streak.

I'm currently preparing for another playtest game - that was supposed to be this Saturday but will now be next Saturday - of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich - the next book in the Battlegroup series of games.  I always find preparing lists hard - as there is always more I want and can never fit in.  Getting the right balance is very hard - so I've come up with a cunning plan.

I doubt I'll be giving my secret tactic away by showing my Wunderwaffen here - I don't think Leigh or Mick regularly read this blog so I'm safe.

So here it is:

TA DA!!  My Volksgrenadier can now ride to battle in style (and comfort).  And the whole platoon can fit in the bus!

OK - sure it a British Oxford Bus - and I understand that Tipner is in or near Portsmouth - but it will do fine for a German civilain bus purloined by the German Army in late 1945.  I'll try and weather it up a little so it doesn't look quite so clean and hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to let you know how my wonder weapon went!

Have fun


08 July 2013


Today I'll be posting the last of the pics of the my Task 2 Group Build 2013 entry for The Guild which can be found here. 

The final portion of the Build was a platoon of 3 Altaya or "The Tank Collection" Magazine T-80BV tanks.  Here's a pic of how they originally looked a couple of years back during our first ever "Big Game".  They are the colourful ones at the front:

The T-80 was of course a serious bit of Soviet kit and would have caused NATO some real headaches.  A good summary of it can be read about on wikipedia here.  I also bought the Osprey book on the T-80 and recommend it.

I decided to repaint my tanks - firstly so they matched the rest of my force, and secondly because I believed that the Altaya paint scheme did not represent the correct period or feel for my cold war force.

The Osprey T-80 book has a nice profile picture of a T-80BV which had been taken out of storage and fought in Chechnya.  It had rough numbers painted on it's turret side, right on the ERA blocks.  This is what I decided to try and replicate.  This is how it turned out:

And together with the BRDM-2 RKh

That's all for now.



02 July 2013


One of the first Soviet units I'd like to field is a Foward Detachment - and a vehicle crtitcal to that is the BRDM-2 RKH - a NBC recon vehicle.

A few months back I liberated a Britannia BRDM-2 from Simon and set about to make a simplified version of the RKh.  In the end I was basically unhappy with the result and hid it in a drawer until I sorted out in my head how to do it properly.

Then recently I was looking at Harvey Black's (the author of "The Red Effect") website/blog and stumbled across some pictures of his showning the BRDM-2 RKh in excellent detail.  I hope he doesn't mind if I reproduce a couple of them here:

These were the clearest photos I had seen of the back of the RKh and I decided I would try and replicate this on my Britannia BRDM-2.

So here is the result:

It's not the most accurate or greatest conversion by a long shot - but it works for me and you can't look at the model and not have a reasonable idea of what it is - if you know what I mean.  As a wargaming representation of a BRDM-2 RKh - I'm quite chuffed.  I did decide to paint the flags yellow and red to make them stand out a little more - for the effect of making it stand out from other BRDM-2s that may be on the table top.

So anyway - there you have it

Have fun