30 April 2022


 Well, well, well.  Finally I've made it back online.  The last 6+ months have been very interesting, a wee bit stressful from time to time, and a bit of an adventure too.  We have finally been able to move from Australia to New Zealand, fly the dog over, buy a house, eventually have all of our goods and chattels arrive, and start to get on with our lives for the first time really in a few years now.

I'm very excited to have the energy and headspace again to commit to the blog, and I hope it will become regularly updated again from now on.  On of the great things about our new home is that not only will I have my own office again (read, Modelling & Painting Room), and we'll have a room dedicated as a library - but I'll also get a "proper" gaming room (read, the garage!).

One thing I wanted to do before we left Sydney was to take a photo of all my gaming "junk" boxed up.  Of course that never happened, but I was able to take a couple of pics today.  Here it all is:

So this is not quite everything.  None of the boxes of books or rulebooks are in the shot, some boxed games are missing, all my paints are kind of inaccessible at the moment, my one battalion sized army bag full of my best painted minis are in another room.  My 3D printer is also out of reach right now.  Still it's interesting to see 30+ years of collecting bits and pieces all broken down and put into storage.

Right now I'm relatively sure nothing too important has been broken, beyond what I broke packing stuff.  Which was a bit!

So I'm now officially semi-retired, and once the house is straightened out completely, the library shelving built, a new office desk bought, my office sorted - I'll then be able to start to put together my Games Room.  A real project to look forward to.

So I hope you're all doing well and ready for some Cold War gamey goodness, plus some other wargames room related updates over the next few months.

Onwards and upwards