07 February 2016

5P85S S-300 (SA-10B Grumble-B) Missile TEL - Part 2

OK - so a couple of posts back I showed some of the construction and painting of the SA-10B Missile TEL.  Over the weekend I set up my "photo booth" and snapped a few photos of the finished beast.

Here they are.  First up - the TEL in travel mode:

Now in ready to fire mode:

The kit comes with four missiles, which fit nicely in the tubes.  Just for the hell of it I painted one and attached it to some plastic rod, which I painted in flamey colours, and added some while fluff.  So - now in firing mode:

So that's it.  Project finished...  Now I just have to read Black Ops and I have everything ready to play!

Have fun


01 February 2016

S-Model - Good News for 2016 - Soviet AFVs

S-Model from China already have a pretty decent range of Soviet AFVs including a couple of BRDM-2 variants:

A couple of BMD variants:

The fairly new BTR-60PB (which I know I'll end up getting to add to my SNI):

And of course my old favourite - the BMP-1:

The good news is that in 2016 they will finally be bringing out this:

That's a big fat YEAH!!! from me.  All I need them to do now is a SA-9 Gaskin variant for their BRDM-2 and my modelling life would be complete... well not really but I'd be very happy!

So - very much looking forward to this release.

And by the way - I'm trying to add a few new things to the blog - will appreciate some feedback when it is up and running.

Have fun