20 December 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - French Armoured Division Battlegroup List


Its been a long time coming and involved a fair amount of effort, but today I'm pleased to post up a French Armoured Division Battlegroup List:

French Armoured Division Battlegroup

Many, many thanks to Paul Cziganj and Jerome Bons without whom this list would either not exist or if it did, it would be seriously wrong!  It seems even the French find French Army TO&Es a little confusing!

I'd appreciate any feedback including errors etc.  Any mistakes in the list are purely mine, not Jerome or Paul's.

You'll note that there is a new French specific Special Rule re: Rifle Grenades as part of the list.  I am trying to show the heavy, doctrinal use of rifle grenades by the French Army.  Any better ideas for dealing with this would be appreciated.

So in the next month or so, I hope to add 2 more French lists (which will be much easier now this list is done) and I'll work on the French Vehicle Data and Weapons information.

It's been a fairly bad year hobby-wise as we planned to be moving overseas about now.  That has all been put on hold for a while so hopefully next year will be rather different and a bit more time for painting soldiers and playing games.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks for your support


29 October 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - West German Panzer Battlegroup List Updated

Just a very quick note to let you know the West German Panzer Division list has been updated.  The links at the top and side of the page have both been updated.  Mostly simple changes and corrections based on feedback.  Most dramatically Leopard 2 units are no longer veterans and are now a little cheaper points-wise.



24 October 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Airborne Brigade Battlegroup List

So finally I'm able to publish the last Polish list - the 6th Pomeranian Airborne Brigade.  This is another useful list if you want to game out the Battle for Denmark.

So here is the list

Polish Airborne Brigade Battlegroup

Still had no real feedback on these lists - so if you're interested in the Poles and you've had a look at the lists, please point out any errors or areas where we've missed something out.

As I said this will be the last list for the Poles - now we'll be moving to some French lists for a change.



16 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Naval Landing Brigade Battlegroup List

So today I'm posting up the third of the four Polish Lists that we have planned.  This list can be used to create a force from the 7th Luzycka Naval Landing Brigade - a very useful list if like me you'd like to play out a Battle for Denmark Campaign.

So here is the list

Polish Naval Landing Brigade Battlegroup

We haven't really had any feedback on the Polish lists so far, so please have a look at them and let me know what you think.



09 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Armoured Division Battlegroup List

Sorry - I had to pull the list and sort out a couple of small errors.  That is all now fixed

So here is the next Polish list - their Armoured Division list.  Not really that much different to the Motorised Rifle list - but now with T-72s!

Here it is:

Polish Armoured Division Battlegroup

As always - please let me know what you think - good or bad...



05 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List

Well this has been some time in coming, but I'm very pleased to be posting up today the newest list for my unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War.  This time around it's the first Polish list - focussed on the Polish Motorised Rilfe Divisions of the Pomeranian Military District - the ones that would be primarily involved in heading towards Denmark (with the 15. MRD being assigned the role of the main force to come ashore on Zeeland as the follow-on force to Soviet and Polish Naval Infantry.

Anyway - here it is:

Polish Motorised Rifle Division Battlegropup 1.1

Once again the speed by which this list appeared and most of the heavy lifting is all down to Paul Cziganj whose immense help has meant you are getting this now, not 3 years from now when I could have gotten around to it by myself!  So thanks Paul, once again.

So please have a look for yourself.  Download, let me know of any errors or omissions etc and I'll be happy to go back in a revise.

Oh yes - I'll now also be adding the Belgian list to the side bar for easy access.



11 August 2018

West of Hannover - A BAOR vs Soviets After Action Report (the first attempt at Part 2)

It's been a while since the game, and Photobucket seems to lovingly randomise the order of the photos - so I've put this together the best I can.  Bear in mind that all T-72s and T-80s in the following photos are actually T-64Bs.  OK?

First NATO started their set-up.  On Table 1 the chieftains set up in fighting positions between the houses:

And two infantry section did likewise:

The Mortar team was also on call to provide immediate support:

On Table 2 set-up it was a similar story, with the Chieftains dug in around the road junctions:

And another angle:

With the Abbots in support (like the FV432M the artillery support was available to either table)

A Swingfire armed FV438 and the Milan Teams waited, hiding behind the garage:

One Scorpion was deployed well in advance of the rest of the NATO force on Table 2:

He would be my first target...

Back on Table 1, Soviet forces began to deploy:

And then more substantial Soviet forces arrive:

My Soviets move up to a decent sized wooded area:

And then into them.  This is nice...

Mick's lads continue to motor forwards:

The road to the bridge is clear!

Bugger!  Both bridges are blown on the same NATO turn.  Detours are required:

Leading to our first loss:

Probably should have said losses.  At this point things appear to be going well for me and not so well for Mick.  No Mick - you take the artillery - I don't need it...  A wee be of hubris never hurt anybody... right?

My BMP-2 Recon Squad moves forwards, dismounts and takes on the Scimitar, knocking it out.

My first kill!

Charles's reply is to move forward his Swingfire unit and deploy his remote team:

I'm not exactly sure why he did that, but who cares - my carefully hidden tanks in the woods just got hammered!

It's OK - I have plenty more.  Nah - I got this - I don't need no arty!  Let's start to divert around the woods towards the smoking bridge remains.

Oops - looks like this route is covered to:

Yeah - no doubt.  Charles has that angle pretty well covered also.

As one T-64B makes it in behind the final piece of cover before the British lines, my BMP-2 takes a hit and explodes.  My remaining tropps rush towards the T-64B.  Charles nicely points out I've just driven into his hidden minefield.  Ahhhhhh bum.

Now things look a bit like this on my Table:

Where as back on Table 1, things have shifted a little.  Mick's Soviets are again on the move:

He's taking the odd hit, but nothing like the killing zone on Table 2:

And he has lots of tanks, with good arcs of fire moving forwards:

Closer and closer to the rail line which is the biggest obstacle before the British lines on his table:

Meanwhile BAOR reinforcements have arrived and taken position

And the same story on Table 2, while the infantry wait with nothing to do...

More flamin' Milans!

At about this point you'll note the photography (and the generalship) takes on a distinct tone of mashocism.  It's like the car crash you can't look away from.

A T-64B & BMP death zone begins to appear around the bridge.  

I seriously believed it was the best way forwards - I swear:

On Table 1, it is a completely different story.  Less terrain actually mean a straighter drive, so Mick was making good progress.  It didn't hurt that Greg was having no luck with the dice while Charles was literally hitting everything he aimed at.

Over the railway - full steam ahead.

The first of a number of Chieftains on this table takes a hit.

Not that Mick wasn't losing vehicles.  As you can see the Soviets had used so much flamey looking fluff balls that we had to resort to cotton wool to cover the amount of dead stuff we (really me) had.

Getting closer!

OK - now Mick is ready to start rolling up the British flank

Back on Table 2 I almost fainted when I actually killed a Chieftain.  I would be the rather pathetic highlight of my game.  If we ignore the Scimitar, I only suffered something like a 20 to 1 kill ratio - meaning I lost 20 units and he lost 1.  I guess that artillery wouldn't have been such a bad idea afterall!

Here's the middle of the beginning of the end.

Here's an example of reinforcing defeat

Here's an excellent example of what happens when you send a platoon of BMPs charging straight at dug-in tanks and missiles.

Here's the remnants of that platoon trying to escape their burning vehicles.

Here's why I'll never be a Hero of the Soviet Union - although, I sure if I survived all this to be able to report...

I could say I brilliantly lulled the enemy into a false sense of security while my partner in the attack rolled up the other flank.

Here are Mick's forces rolling into Lehre - taking the Brits in the rear.

So on Table 1 the Soviets won a glorious victory whilst on Table 2 the Soviets suffered an ignominious defeat.  So -does that make it a balanced playtest?  I kind of think so.

I think the playtest worked.  I don't own any 6mm or 15mm Cold war kit - and had to make do with 20mm gear.  Sure - this would look stupid on a 6' x 4' table - but spread across two 9' x 5' with 4 players it worked well.  No real problems with the rules - sure air did not turn up and our artillery (especially the Soviets arty) was pretty light on - but that didn't stop us having a fun game.

Always lots to think about afterward - but as a good Soviet player, I would have promoted Mick and then taken myself out back and shot myself.

Onwards and upwards

Thanks for looking