30 April 2019

The Berlin Project - Land Rovers

It's been a while since I've shown anything for my Berlin Project - not because I've forgotten about it, it's just Project 57 of the 345 projects I seem to currently be doing...

Anyway, I've time for a quick update, showing off a couple of Oxford Diecast Land Rovers I've picked up recently, both in the British Berlin Brigade urban camo pattern.  First up is a Lander Rover 101 FC.

I've now got two of these and I'll be using them to transport a Milan team and a Medium Mortar team.

Next up a 1/2 ton Land Rover

I'm thinking I'll use this to transport my Mortar Fire Controller.

I've actually no idea if the Berlin Brigade painted these vehicles in this fashion as I've only seen pics of more "standard" Land Rovers in the Berlin urban cam scheme.  I'm not even sure if the Brigade used the 1/2 ton Land Rover at all.  But hey, they look pretty good to me and I'm just happy I have another couple of vehicle I don't have to paint in that scheme!

Catch ya soon