21 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Northern Front Lists

Hi everyone - a couple of very quick posts today - the first of which will have links to several NATO and one Soviet list for the Northern (Arctic) Front.  These can of course be combined with the Soviet Naval Infantry and Danish lists I've previously provided.  So here are the NATO lists which should be pretty self-explanatory:

Norwegian Battlegroup

Canadian CAST Battle Group

Royal Marine Commando Battlegroup

USMC Battlegroup

The Soviet list is for Motor Rifle Troops from the Leningrad Military District which are specialised in Arctic warfare.  The List covers both Category 1 or A (whichever book you read) and Category 2 or B Motorised Rifle Divisions.  Here it is

Leningrad District Motor Rifle Division Battlegroup

Any questions etc please let me know.  Always happy to take comments and feedback



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