16 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front NATO Lists

OK - part 2 of the upload of my Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War information.

Today I've uploaded my completed NATO Central Front Lists.  They are as follows:

West German Panzer Division Battlegroup (works for Panzergrenadiers as well)

United Stated Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Berlin Brigade Battlegroup

Canadian 4CMBG Battlegroup

I have plans and have also started lists for Belgians and Dutch, along with other types of forces for the Americans, Brits and West Germans.  One day I'll get around to doing the French as well.

The lists have all been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points and BR as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists.  It's not a perfect set of points by any means but they have worked quite well in our various playtest games.

Once again I'd be interested in any feedback, corrections, objection etc etc




  1. These are fantastic and are a massive help in figuring out what I need to be buying. Thank you for all your hard work and can’t wait to see the soviets!

  2. I may of overlooked it but where do you source your 1/72 decals for the diecast repaints that you do? I noticed the ones on the Tungkuska and the MTLBs look perfect.

  3. Hi Casey - Soviet lists up now. Most Soviet kits come with more decals than I use as I generally take a fairly minimalist approach to markings for wartime vehicles. So, I tend to just use leftovers. I also use a lot of German WW2 numbers as well. Sorry - probably not much help but there are some Soviet decals out there - I've just never had to buy any!


  4. Hi RichardC, Great set of rules, really appreciate the hard work you have put into the rules and lists! Being cheeky when do you think your Dutch will be ready? Keep up the great work

  5. Hi Mick - At least a month would be my best guess. I have most of the sources I need so it's just a matter of getting it down on paper. Dutch are a wee bit tricky as they have at least 3 different APC equivalents for their troops I seem to recall.