My Cold War Rules - Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a link to the complete FAQ document for my Battlegroup Cold War Variant rules.  If you have any additional questions about any aspect of Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - please post them here.  I will answer them below and may even add them to the FAQ document.  Thanks

FAQ Document 



  1. Can you give us an ETA on new lists? I think there's Czechoslovakians and West German Jaegers and others in the Pipeline, which I eagerly await

  2. I'm not sure, is the best answer I can give right now. I'm starting to work on my own new and different style Cold War game at the moment, so not concentrating on creating new lists for this system for that reason and because there is now an official game available - BG:NORTHAG. If there remains a level of interest in this game, I'm happy to add new lists - otherwise you may have to wait for Czechs and Jaeger in the new game...