28 November 2014

Massed M113 Mob

I was about to post another entry of Cold war photos, but I thought It was about time I actually posted a real work-in-progress post, to show what I'm actually doing rather than some far distant project.

For a while now I've been collecting things for my USAREUR force.  I've shown a few infantry in the past and some MERDC ideas, but never actually psuhed on and finished some vehicles for the project.  So today I decided to get all my M113's together and start to stow them, and then stick on some cam nets.

Happily I think I've probably got enough M113's now so it's time to actually do something about them - so here they are

So based on the last photo front row - left to right:
Airfix M113 ACAV, ESCI M113 (with interior details and rear ramp down), S&S Models M577, Altaya M163

2nd row - left to right
Easy Model M113 Ambulance, 4 S-Model M113, ESCI M901 converted to be a M981 FIST-V

3rd row - left to right
ECSI M901, S-Model M113, ESCI M113, Easy Model M113, S-Model M113, S&S Models M106

Rear Row - left to right
ESCI M901, ESCI M113, S-Model M113, Easy Model M113, S-Model M113, S&S Models M106

Obviously some have had the stowage started while others have none.

Now to get cracking on the cam nets and other stowage items to these can go on the painting list.



18 November 2014

Here comes another one...

Yes another project, just to add a little more stress to my limited and extremely un-focussed wargaming time...

So after posting nothing for a month, I'm going to try and make up for it in the next few weeks and get this blog and my gaming back on a Cold War track after delving heavily into WW2 for a while now.

On with the new project: THE SOVIET INVASION OF SCANDANAVIA - 1986

To start the project I have written Army Lists for:
  • Soviet Naval Infantry;
  • Soviet Air Assault; and
  • Norwegian Army
I'm in the process of preparing Army Lists for:
  • Soviet Arctic Front Motor Rifle
  • Danish Army
  • Swedish Army
  • Royal Marines (3 Commando - including Dutch Marines)
  • US Marines (2nd Marine Div units)
and I haven't started but will need to do:
  • Finnish Army
  • Canadian Air/Sea Transportable Brigade
  • Elements of Allied Mobile Force (Land)
I already have most of the stuff (including unmade kits) for the Royal Marines and USMC, and much of my Soviet stuff can easily have dual usage on the Arctic Front, so in some ways much of this is quite achievable  within a short timeframe.  However a ton of stuff will need to be done to represent the smaller nations, and work out a realsitic set of events or scenarios.

Now to the pics:  First up some Soviet Naval Infantry kit - including a load of photos of something I might even try to scratch build - something I have never done before.

Part of the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet - including a Ivan Rogov class large landing ship in the centre of the photo, with a Lebed LCAC

Air Support - Forger's packed on the rear of a Soviet Carrier

Swimming PT-76's leading the beach assault.  BTR-60s bring up the rear

BTR coming off a Landing Craft

T-55 coming off a Landing Craft.  SNI appear to have stuck with the T-55 (I think because the more modern tanks did not fit in the landing craft and hovercraft) but extensively upgraded it, including using a small number of T-55AD1 which used the "Drozd" active anti-missile protection system and the T-55MV/T-55AMV which was equipped with Kontakt ERA.  More modelling (and scratch building options!

Another Landing Craft shot.  Note the black uniforms - guess I'll need to paint a bunch more Soviet infantry - in black this time...

Now my personal favs...

Aist Class LCAC - mega big - well-armed hovercraft - could hold 4 PT-76s or 2 T-55s or 3 BTRs all with varying amounts of troops.  Top Speed 130 kmh.  Can't see this appearing on my wargaming table anytime soon!

But this one...

Unfortunately no-one does a model of this in 20mm.  Best I could find was this Scotia Models Lebed in 6mm
Which is actually very nice - massive in 6mm, teeny tiny in 20mm so no use.  So I found some drawings:
So I think I'll have to have a crack at making 1 (or 2) myself.  No idea how to start so I'll keep looking into it.
Anyway, that's it for now.  Thanks to the wonderful internet and all those sites which offered up lovely hovercraft photos which I have borrowed.
Have fun