31 July 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 4

The next day...

Time for some spraying - First the Chaos Black undercoat:

 Then PSC Russian Tank Spray:

Elhiem crew figures have also been base coated and had a black wash.



29 July 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 3

So I was not able to finish the kits as I had hoped on Day 2 - I didn't quite realise I needed to add a couple of PE bits (which I generally avoid - but they looked 100% necessay and were also pretty easy.

This meant a Day 3 would not be spraying day - that will now have to wait until Day 4 as I want all the glues to have 24 hrs to dry/cure.  With limited time today I was however, able to finish building the kits and prep the 2 commander figures for painting.

So on to Day 4...


The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 2

The next day...

I've nearly completed the kits - slowed down a bit to work out how to fix in crew as these two BMD's will be Platoon Leader's vehicles

I may still be able to finish it tonight.  It's a beautiful model kit - well worth the purchase - I just wish they were available when I started collecting VDV...



28 July 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 1

The Guild is running a "Quick Build Kit" build from now until September 10.  You only need to build 1 model kit to enter - but I'm going to use this as motivation to try and build and complete 4 to 6 new kits that will fit into my Arctic theme.

Tonight I started kits 1and 2:

2 x BMD-2 for my VDV.  Off to a bad start already as one of the barrels is broken - so will have to deal with that first up.

Off and running...



26 July 2016

What gun is this? (Now with an answer!)

This is not a test - it's a genuine question on my part as I can't work it out.

Sticking with my Arctic Front theme, I've been looking at pics of Norwegian AFVs - in particular the NM135 as I'm trying to work out how to scratch build one (based on an S-Model M113 kit).  Here's a couple of pics for reference:

Whilst looking around I came across a nice Norwegian site Stormskadron 3 which has some terrific shots of NM135s and also some shots of mechanised infantry.  Again - great reference shots.

Looking through them I found one long arm in particular that I couldn't quite work out.

This chap has one next to him

The chap on the far left has one.

Maybe the chap in the front row, 3rd from the left has one.

If they are all the same gun, based on the bottom photo it might be an AG-3 with an underslung grenade launcher.  Maybe the chap in the middle photo has popped the breech open?

I've no idea - but before I start work on my Norwegians I'd love to know.  I do like how all their AG-3s have extendable butts.  Very cool and useful inside a cramped AFV.

So - let me know if you know!


I have now been reliably informed that my guess was correct and they are indeeed AG3 assault rifles with an undeslung HK79 40mm grenade launcher.  Just out of interest the last photo also has several chaps with HK MP5 sub-machineguns.



14 July 2016

Airfix Land Rover 1 Tonne FC Truck GS Body

OK - so without any further delay - onto the models.  Here is the first plain Land Rover:

And now the second, slightly more jazzy Land Rover:

Now the two of them together:

And now together performing a couple of roles I'll be using them for my Royal Marines on the tabletop.  First up as a light gun tow:

And as a Milan Firing Post Carrier:

Please note all the figures shown with them are from Elhiem

So that's them done.  I'll be posting up the BW Models Land Rover 101 Signals Van next - once I've done a little more work on it.



13 July 2016

Land Rover 101 FC - Painting Guide Pics

Over the last few days I've been painting some Airfix and BW Models (I think) Land Rover 101 FC models for my Royal Marines (and whomever else might need them).  This is the Airfix kit box so you'll recognise it if you stumble over it in a shop (or your stash!):

Sadly this excellent little kit seems to be rare as hen's teeth and the one I recently found on ebay was asking for a ridiculous price.  This is extra sad because I could easily live with a couple more of these little guys.  So if see one going cheap - buy it!

You will recall that this is where I was up to a few weeks back:

Well - to be honest it remained where they were up to until last weekend...

So I did some digging and came up with so photos to help me paint them - sourced through Google Images of course.  Here they are.

This is what I consider to be the classic image of the 101 FC and how I wanted at least one of them to look.

A number of photos showed the canvas soft top also painted - so I guess the other one will look like this.

And here's a couple of photos of the hard top radio van variant - which is a pretty slick looking vehicle.

So - next up - the completed models - starting with the two soft tops.

Thanks for your patience