16 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Naval Landing Brigade Battlegroup List

So today I'm posting up the third of the four Polish Lists that we have planned.  This list can be used to create a force from the 7th Luzycka Naval Landing Brigade - a very useful list if like me you'd like to play out a Battle for Denmark Campaign.

So here is the list

Polish Naval Landing Brigade Battlegroup

We haven't really had any feedback on the Polish lists so far, so please have a look at them and let me know what you think.



09 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Armoured Division Battlegroup List

Sorry - I had to pull the list and sort out a couple of small errors.  That is all now fixed

So here is the next Polish list - their Armoured Division list.  Not really that much different to the Motorised Rifle list - but now with T-72s!

Here it is:

Polish Armoured Division Battlegroup

As always - please let me know what you think - good or bad...



05 September 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Polish Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List

Well this has been some time in coming, but I'm very pleased to be posting up today the newest list for my unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War.  This time around it's the first Polish list - focussed on the Polish Motorised Rilfe Divisions of the Pomeranian Military District - the ones that would be primarily involved in heading towards Denmark (with the 15. MRD being assigned the role of the main force to come ashore on Zeeland as the follow-on force to Soviet and Polish Naval Infantry.

Anyway - here it is:

Polish Motorised Rifle Division Battlegropup 1.1

Once again the speed by which this list appeared and most of the heavy lifting is all down to Paul Cziganj whose immense help has meant you are getting this now, not 3 years from now when I could have gotten around to it by myself!  So thanks Paul, once again.

So please have a look for yourself.  Download, let me know of any errors or omissions etc and I'll be happy to go back in a revise.

Oh yes - I'll now also be adding the Belgian list to the side bar for easy access.