17 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front Soviet Lists

Now onto Part 3 of the upload of my Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War information

Today I've uploaded the two primary Soviet lists for Central Front scenarios.  They are as follows:

Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup

Soviet Motorised Rifle Infantry Division Battlegroup

With these two lists you should be able to put together forces representative of pretty much anything the Soviets fielded in GSFG and the Western TVD follow-on forces from the late 1970s/early 1980s up until around 1987.

I also have a Soviet Airborne/Heliborne list but I'm not 100% happy with it so won't post it up yet.

As I said yesterday, both lists have been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists in the game.  However, I don't claim them to be 100% perfect, but we've had some good games out of them.

Again I am very keen to get any feedback, corrections, suggestions, objections etc etc.

Thanks again for the interest



  1. Thanks again for posting these. I managed to print off what you’ve done so far and I can see that it’s obviously been a labour of love - it looks like hundreds of hours of work.

    1. Yes, you're right Steven - a load of work has gone into this - but it has been a labour of love and it still continues. It also mean my mates and I have been able to have a load of fun Cold War games so all worth it!


  2. Finished reading the lists this morning and I will echo the above poster, it is amazing and so much time and care has obviously been put into it. On that note, I would recommend investing in stock in S&S and Hobbyden over the next week as this has cemented what I need to my Soviet list!

  3. Well tell Shaun and Brian you are buying because of me! :-)

    Thanks Casey