28 August 2016

Land Rover 101 Hard Top

I actually finished this BW Models (I think) vehicle a few weeks ago, but had always planned to weather it and put some stowage in the roof rack - but as it appeared unlikely that I would get around to actually doing that - I decided to take some photos and just get on with it!

So here they are:

Anyway - this is the last of the vehicles I have, that were needed to complete my 3 Commando Brigade build.  Now I just have a few miniatures to paint and that project is done.



24 August 2016

Airfix Scorpion CVR(T)

Let me say up front... I've always been a Scimitar kind of guy...

So I've had these two Scorpions for quite a while now, yet they always managed to get pushed to the back of the line.  Any and every line!

Now with my Commando project I had to finish them to call it complete it.  So I've finally managed to get these little buggers out of the way.  To be honest I'm not really happy with them, but they will serve their purpose.  To begin with the Airfix kit is not the greatest.  One kit I made ages ago - and managed to screw up at least part of it.  The other kit I bought made off a mate and tried to fix up some of it's problems - some of which will be pretty obvious when you look at the pics.

And of course I didn't think to add any weight to the front of the chassis - so when I loaded down the back of the turret with metal stowage, each vehicle kinda wants to tilt backwards...

So enough of my whinging...  onto the pics:

The rear on one of these is upside down!

I'm hoping that I'll be happier with them on the table - we'll see.

In addition to working with my Royal Marines, these little fellas with work with the RAF Regiment and in some Armoured Recon forces.  So it is good that they are finally done.  More options!

Nearly there with the Commandos...


14 August 2016

Revisiting some old BAOR

As you would have seen recently, I've been painting up a bunch of  Liberation Miniatures figures to look something like some Royal Marine Commandos.  I've been basically quite happy with how they have turned out and am pleased with how the DPM smocks look.

Fiddling around with the figures, I was trying to work out how easy it would be to form 2 platoons of the Marines, by levening them with some helmet wearing BAOR figures.  Turns out it was very easy - but the bases didn't match.  And I needed to paint a few "new" additional figures.

OK - so looking at the bases of the old figures I decided that I'd just scrap off the Woodlands Scenics turf I had on the bases, paint them up to my current standard and add some static grass.  Sounds like a 5 minute job...    Then onto the new figures.

So, that's what I did - up to the adding static grass stage.  Then the more I looked at the old figures - painted in 2010 - the more I didn't like them - or at least the more I didn't like their DPM uniforms.  So - I decided to repaint them, up to today's standard - only the DPM mind you - I mean, how long could that take!  Until that was done, I'd just put the "new" figures to one side.

As previously, the aim was to have them look something like this:

So - in order to show you how things went - here is a set of comparison photos.  Obviously my photography has improved a little, and the background and lighting has changed for the better (I think), but I've tried to match the figures in each photo.

2010 Radio Operators

2016 Radio Operators

2010 Bren gunners

2016 Bren gunners

2010 GPMG gunners

2016 GPMG gunners

2010 Carl Gustav gunners

2016 Carl Gustav Gunners

2010 Officers with Sterling SMGs

2016 Officers with Sterling SMGs

2010 Riflemen

2016 Riflemen

So there you go.  Hopefully you'll agree with me that this was not time wasted...  At least I think they look a bit better, and more importantly - they now fit in with the rest of my British forces.



11 August 2016

Completed! S-Model BMD-2

OK - so here we are with the completed BMD-2s.  I hope you like them!

And now with the other vehicles in their platoon

So that's it for this little exercise.



06 August 2016

VDV Objective - Or not...

In addition to the BMD-2s I decided to build something that would make a great objective for a VDV air assault - an Airport Terminal - well a little regional terminal anyway.

So a while back I bought this kit:

And never opened it until now.

Then I built it - pretty quickly:

 Looks kinda OK - until you put something next to it...

So this HO kit is the small side of HO - just a bit too small in my opinion.  I'll be giving it to a mate to play some 15mm games with...

Oh well - 10 points for trying!


05 August 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 9 (Updated)

So - I did manage to get something done today afterall - and I've finally figured out how to beat photobucket so I can actually show them.

I managed to get the decals on - not just the two S-Models kits, but also their platoon mates:


04 August 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 8

Really sick today, so very little done - anyway, the weather is too bad for spraying so not much progress could have been made even under the best circumstances.  So really the driver has been painted, as well as tools and headlights.

So - depending on how I feel and what the weather is like there may or may not be a Day 9 update...



03 August 2016

The Guild Short Build - Quick Build Kits - Work-In-Progress Day 7

Jeepers - 7 days has gone pretty fast - and sadly my man-flu continues, but I staggered out of bed for a couple of hours today snuggled up in my warm office and made some good progress.

First up I painted the tracks and fixed the Elhiem commanders inside the turrets.

Then I washed the tracks with a black wash, fixed up the missile and launcher and added everything together.

So nearly done.  Just the driver, tools, and headlights to paint, then a gloss coat, decals, a dull coat and weathering and they are done.

All good.