27 August 2019

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - UPDATE - New and Edited French Lists

Time for another update.  It's been a while I know but I've recently completed my revision of THREE French lists and I now feel they are in much better shape than they were when I first published the French Armoured Division Battlegroup list.

So here are the revised and new lists for the French:

French Armoured Division Battlegroup

French Infantry Division Battlegroup

French Rapid Reaction Force Battlegroup

I believe with these lists you should be able to replicate almost any French force from the mid to late 1980's - even possibly the first Gulf War.

The French have some awesome kit - certainly the best Armoured Cars (like the AMX-10RC) of any of the other lists, and also some pretty old and funky stuff (like the AMX-13).  I just need access to a complete range of French infantry options and then this is on my "to complete" list as I've already been putting away the odd bit of French kit for years.

Anyway - I think I have the Czechs still to do and then I'm largely calling the Army Lists complete.  Also as Battlegroup NORTHAG is coming closer - and will not be compatible with any of my stuff I won't be doing any more on this project.

As NORTHAG has gone in a slightly different direction I've decided to take the work I have done and work it into something different again, with my take on a Cold War game.

More of that in the future.