23 May 2012

Imperial War Museum Cold War Films

Whilst trying to find something else (of course) I recently stumbled across a cache of British films in the Imperial War Museum video archive that is worth sharing.

The majority of the films are unedited and come from Exercise Iron Hammer held in West Germany in 1988.

Previously I had a selection of links here but I have decided to reduce it to one as all the videos running at once made my site unstable:

I suggest you have a decent look around here or elsewhere on the Imperial War Museum's Collections for more excellent videos.

Have fun...


08 May 2012

BAOR Chieftains and more...

Sticking with BAOR armour, I thought I'd show you the two "Combat Tank Collection" or Altaya Chieftains I also recently finished.

The scheme the AFVs come in is actually very good:

 However, they didn't look like the rest of my stuff so a repaint was in order.  I also decided to have a crack at camming them up a bit to give them that 'operational' look...

So here they are:

I'm reasonably happy with how they turned out.

So finally - here's some pics of all my BAOR armour.  Note - the two Chieftains on bases were not done by me - I bought them that way.

That's all for now - I'll have some more "interesting" vehicles coming soon.

Have fun