06 November 2016

Elhiem Miniatures - Soviet HQ

This week I've finished some more Soviet miniatures by Elhiem Figures - this time his two Soviet HQ packs - CWR09n and CWR10n.

Nothing special about the paint job - just a quick one to get them to the point of being able to be used.  All are very similar except the Soviet Military Policeman - whom I have shown by himself previously.

Anyway - here they are.  CWR09n

A really nice set that I have a couple of plans for using in some special games.

Now CWR10n

More useful figures.  I'd love a couple of different MPs to make a small 4 man team of them...  I can dream!

So that's it for these guys.  I should have another post later this week.

Have fun


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