30 October 2016

Elhiem Soviet Motor Rifle Troops

A while back when I was posting and re-posting my Soviet TO&Es, in a spasm of OCD I decided to make sure I could fill out a platoon correctly, and then a whole company.  All the figures had to be basic motor rifle troops in standard khaki uniforms - no 1 piece sun-bunny coveralls here.

Over the past several years I changed my Soviet squad, platoon and company TO&Es several times, so surprise, surprise (and yes I was a bit surprised) I discovered that I was missing several key personnel from my roster.

First up, and most surprisingly were some chaps (4 chaps to be precise) armed with RPK-74s.  Every squad has one and in a company you need 9.  I only had 5.  Whoops!

I placed an order with Matt from Elhiem Figures for this set, but asked if was possible that rather than 2 RPKs and 2 PKMs (I have more than enough PKMs) - could the set have the RPK guys doubled up.  Matt as always provides great customer service and this is what I got:

RPK-74 situation resolved.

Turns out I needed 1 more RPG gunner and another sniper.  Luckily I found them in the stash:

Problem solved!

Finally, and for whatever reason - maybe I'd want to attach a BMP or BTR to my company from the Air Defence Platoon with 3 SA-7 or SA-14 SAMs.  So I needed 1 more SAM.  The chap with him armed with a RPG-18 comes from the same Elhiem pack - and as he's very cool I decided to paint him as well.

So - fingers crossed - and TO&E re-writes aside - I can now field a full strength Motor Rifle Company.  Now I just need to finalise all their different attachments... 

Trust me... collecting Soviets never ends!



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