14 November 2016

Back to the BAOR - Work-In-Progress - Part 1

I've got a few days off - so I thought I'd try and knock over a few different bits and peices I've had half started for a while now - or I just decided to push them to the front of the queue.
Here's a quick view of the start of this little Work-In-Progress.  First up - a miscast Cromwell FV432:
I've added the missing hatches and cleaned of some of the miscast track pieces.  This will serve as either an objective or just a bit of battlefield clutter.

Second - a couple of Cromwell FV433 Abbot Self-propelled Guns:
I did one with all hatches open and the other all closed - for the hell of it really...

Third - a Cromwell Spartan APC:
I have to admit I saw a picture a bit like this in the new Team Yankee - Iron Maiden book.  Now I have no idea whether or not You would have fired a Blowpipe/Javelin from inside a Spartan - but I thought it looked kind of cool - and it gave me a good excuse to model a Spartan with the roof hatches open.  I put the Elhiem Blowpipe/Javelin figure on a sabot - so I'll probably make another more "standard" infantry sabot as well.

Finally I have a pair of FV438 Swingfire Guided Missile Vehicle from S&S Models:
I've done a little work on these - the most difficult being removing the DD tank type screen that goes around the vehicle.  I beleive they were all removed anyway - and I didn't like the impact on the shape/vision of the standard FV432 hull the screen gives it on the S&S Model.

I think it looks heaps better removed, and anyway - I'm going to cover a fair amount of it up with a cam net.

That's it for Part 1 - Part 2 coming soon.

Thanks for looking