30 November 2016

S&S Models FV438

Recently I showed you some W-I-P shots of some new BAOR combat vehicles.  Today I'll focus on a couple of S&S Models FV438s.  As far as I'm aware, these are the only FV438 variants available in 20mm.

As I said in the W-I-P post, I did some conversion work on these, mainly to get rid of the wading screens, and added a fair amount of camo netting to try and get the BAOR in combat look.  I also had to replace a couple of parts (because I lost them!).

So here are the finished beasties:

For some reason I managed to turn off 1 light when I took the second photo...

Anyway - that's them.  I'm rather chuffed to finally have these available in my orbat and very impressed with Shaun from S&S Models for making them.  Now I have to see what they can get up to in a game!




  1. These are really great looking. Superb painting

    How did you do the camo netting? (I want to copy the technique :) )

  2. Hi mate - thanks for the comments. If you look about 3 posts back you'll see a Work-In-Progress showing the netting and tea leaves and a bit of a description. I could do a more detailed WIP if people want one - it's not hard. In one of the comments on that post I describe what I use for the netting.