09 November 2016

Airfix 105mm Light Guns - In Towed Configuration

I wasn't planning on posting this today - rather I was going to post some W-I-P shots of a new mini-project - but I thought better of it and decided to post up one of the "final" components of my Royal Marine Commandos in Norway project.

I have no real idea why I wanted to do this particular part of the project - I guess because I could do it, and a small part of my thinks it's kind of cool.  How sad does that make me!

I've previously shown in a couple of posts the Airfix 105mm L118 Light Field Guns in their firing position with Elhiem crew and then together with the Airfix 1 Tonne FC Truck GS Body tow

Anyway - here is what I'm talking about:

This is obviously the gun in its towed position.

I have done this before with WW2 games where I have a towed variant and a deployed variant of the same gun.  Normally only anti-tank guns as in most of my games the artillery sets up right on the rear table edge.  As it comes onto the table I use the tow (and the towed gun) until I get to the point where I want to deploy the gun.  Then I simply remove the towed gun and replace it with the deployed gun and crew.

Works for me anyway...

So - there it is.  The last ground component for my Royal Marines (which also has other uses for some of the light troops reinforcing BAOR or Denmark)

Thanks for looking


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