13 September 2015

More Sun-bunnies

So in the final update in this particular series of updates here are what I truly hope are the last of my Soviets in the KLMK (Camouflage Summer Deceptive Coverall)  uniform - known to the Soviet troops who wore it as "Sun Bunnies" cam.

I have more on this unform and how to paint it here from over 5 years ago!!!

Once again the figures are from Liberation Minaitures

So here's a couple of group shots:

Basically I realised I needed 1 more AGS-17 crew and that whilst I had a bucket load of specialist troops in Sun Bunnies - I lacked a decent number of standard troopers with AK-74s.  So now I have them!  Painted!

These chaps will be used as standard Motor Rifle guys, SNI and if needed will support my VDV.  All good...

So next up I imagine will be a little air power and then some form of AAR.