27 September 2015

Academy MiG-27 Flogger-D

OK - so I finally got around to taking more photos - so this will more another series of updates over the next few days - starting with today.

First up - as promised - some Soviet airpower - in the form of a 1/72 scale Academy MiG-27 Flogger-D.  This is a kit I made a long time ago (and I'm too embarrassed to go back and have a look when) and whilst it went together very well, I was really unhappy with the way I air-brush painted it - and then to make matters worse I completely (or almost completely) stuffed it up when slapping on a coat of Pledge One-Go.

So the Flogger disappeared into a drawer - I had come pretty close to simply chucking it out, but the miser in me won out - until recently I plucked up the courage to try and finish it once and for all.

I totally gave up on re-airbrushing it, and went back to (hopefully) thinned paint and a good-old brush.

So this is how it ended up:

Not too bad on my only finished flying base...

So - there's my first proper functioning airpower - I guess it's not too shabby...

Thanks for looking



  1. Speedy. Will this be gracing tables soon?

  2. It dropped it's first bombs in anger in the last AAR. More games soon I hope...

  3. Very nice- must be satisfying to have got it rescued and used.



  4. Indeed - in the last game it was used for everything - a marker to show an off table interdiction strike, a timed air strike, and a random bit of air support which made it onto the table. So I got my monies worth in just 1 game!