06 September 2015

Multiple MTLBs

Next up is a batch of MTLBs.  Very useful vehicles, used by the Soviet Naval Infantry and Motor Rifle Infantry primarily as gun/mortar tows, but also used by Arctic Motor Rifle Divisions as an APC due to their excellent low track pressure and ability to travel across snow and other soft terrain prevalent in northern Norway.

I had one MTLB from several years back which I posted here way back in 2010!  Time flies...

So to that one I've now added several more:

From left to right, S&S, 2 x ACE Models and then 2 x S&S.

I outfitted 2 S&S MTLB's as Supply or Tow vehicles by adding a little stowage:

While 3 (2 x ACE and 1 x S&S) were left pretty plain to act as APCs:

I did add some decals to their rear doors so they could be distinguised in games:

I know they're not "standard" Soviet 3 digit numbers - but I thought because they were MTLBs rather than more normal APCs I'd do something different.

So that's it for MTLBs.