02 September 2015

Warmaster BTR-80 Platoon

So next up for my Soviet Naval Infantry is some BTR-80s.  I'm not 100% sure when the SNI moved on to BTR-80s, but they are a readily available diecast model that I can also use for BTR mounted motor rifle troops so using them for my SNI is fine by me.

The Warmaster BTR-80 is cammed up and looks like this:

At bit jazzy for me and it doesn't match the rest of my stuff - so of course it got a re-paint.  They ended up looking like this:

Pretty basic, I know, but it's the look I was after.

I also gave the Liberation Miniatures BTR-60PBs I had finished eariler a bit of weathering so now they look like this:

I imagine you are not supposed to mix them, but where necessary I might end up with the Infantry Platoon being mounted in the BTR-60s, with support weapons etc mounted in the BTR-80s.  Not sure yet...

Anyway that's it for today



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