19 April 2010

Soviet Motorised Rifle Troops

Alrighty - time for another post.

The first completed Cold War Hot figure project was my Liberation Soviet Motorised Rifle Troops. I had managed to get 2 x RMRAKH from Duane at Syr Hobbs wargames as well as 1 x MULT20RPG, which Duane helpfully pointed out would fit in nicely with the standard MTR troops. I wish I had realised it, because I would have picked up a few guys with RPKs, PKMGs, and AK-74/BG15s as well. Oh well - next time.

My aim was to have them look like this:


This image is taken from Osprey's "Inside the Soviet Army" which I bought back in my Twilight:2000 days. I love the art in these books and they were very handy when it came time to paint up my MTR troops.


This is from memory - so I may have to come back later and change it... I first tested a quick scheme on some old GW 40K Mordian Iron Guard. It looked OK so I went with.

1. White Undercoat - Citadel spray
2. Uniform - Vallejo Khaki
3. Boots & Guns - Citadel Black
4. Webbing - Vallejo Flat Earth
5. Pouches & Bags - Vallejo Green Grey
6. Faces and Hands - Vallejo Flat Flesh
7. Helmets - Vallejo Russian Uniform
8. Woodwork on Guns & RPG - Vallejo Beige Brown
9. Metalwork on Guns & RPG - Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
10. RPG missiles - Vallejo Russian Green
11. Shoulder Boards etc - Citadel Blood Red
12. Bases - Vallejo Flat Earth

This was all the base colours finished. Then - for the first time ever - I used the Army Painter Strong Tone Dip. having read a bit about it, I decided not to dip, and instead painted on the dip with an old (now dedicated to dip) brush. I tried, relatively successfully, to brush off the excess dip.

I left the figures to dry overnight.

Next day I drybrushed the bases with Vallejo Khaki and glued on some Silfor tufts and sprayed the whole lot with Testors Dullcote.

This is the result:






The whole lot!

Sorry for a couple of dodgy photos there!

Here are a couple of useful reference links from good old wikipedia - useful for painting as well.

The AK-74

The RPK-74


BG-15 Grenade Launcher

No youtube links here I'm afraid - if I stumble across any I'll come back and add in here.

Have fun



  1. These look very well indeed Richard
    Thanks for the step-by-step

  2. Nicely done, plan to adopt for my Soviets (Which I am doing for Twilight 2000 themed moderns). Can't wait for you to do Brits in DPM!

  3. Thanks guys - my step-by-step SAS in DPM guide will probably go up next week.