26 April 2010

VDV Goodness...

Okay – on with the show…

The next completed Cold War hot figure project was my Liberation Soviet VDV paratroopers and some Motorised Rifle troops – all in one piece KLMK camouflage uniforms. Once again I got this whilst holidaying in the States with the help of Duane at Syr Hobbes Wargames.

I borrowed this from Wikipedia:

Kamuflirovannyy Letniy Maskirovochnyy Kombinezon or KLMK (means Camouflage Summer Deceptive Coverall) was developed in the 1960s by the Union Soviet to overcome the widespread use of night vision optics and devices by NATO countries. This one piece camouflage suit was soon to become one of the most widespread used and revered devices out of the Soviet Union.

This piece of camouflage was first tested in 1968, and finally given to the Red Army in 1969. It is produced to this day.

It was issued by the Soviet Union, and currently the Russian Federation. It is also seen in some conflicts around the world, and by some Eastern Bloc countries.
Soviet forces saw the odd looking but effective new camouflage as strikingly odd. The patterns on it sometimes resembled the colossal ears of a bunny rabbit, and the look of sunlight on the forest floor. That is how many Soviet soldiers referred to its new slang name (sun bunnies).

Here’s some useful reference pictures I found:




My aim was to have them look like this:


and this:


These images were taken from Osprey’s Elite Book 5 “Soviet Bloc Elite Forces” which again I bought years ago and the previously mentioned "Inside the Soviet Army".


I wrote down the colours I used as I knew I would have to come back at a later date and do many, many more. They were painted using more of what I would call – a traditional method – no fancy ‘Dip” here!

1. Black Undercoat – Citadel Spray
2. Uniform – 2/3 Vallejo Reflective Green 1/3 Vallejo SS Cam Bright Green
3. Beret - Citadel Hideous Blue
4. Helmet - Vallejo Russian Uniform
5. Flesh - Vallejo Flat Flesh
6. Webbing - Vallejo Flat Earth
7. Pouches - Vallejo Green Grey
8. Wood - Vallejo Beige Brown
9. Weapon's metalwork - Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
10. Wash the whole figure (excluding flesh) with Black magic wash
11. Wash flesh with Citadel Orgyn Flesh Wash
12. Highlight pretty much everything with original colours (I didn't bother with faces or hands)
13. Cam dots and patterns - Vallejo Iraqi Sand
14. Beret badge - Vallejo Brass & Citadel Blood Red

Here are some pictures of the completed figures:

Officer (or NCO) and Signaller

Paratroopers armed with AK's

Paratroopers armed with RPK-74's

Paratroopers armed with RPG's

Paratroopers armed with PKM's

Paratrooper Sniper

Troops armed with PKM's

Troops armed with AK-74?BG-15 Grenade launcher's

An AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher team

That's probably long enough for now.

Have fun



  1. Nice work on this camo! Very impressive.
    How did you find painting on the digital blobs?

  2. I must say painting this type of camo in 15mm is relaxing when compared with doing US woodland BDUs of the same period, my Motor Rifles are all sporting it and its pretty easy to churn them out with good looking effect.

    You've certainly captured them well here in 20mm :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    Digital blobs were painful compared to painting MTR troops, but simplicity itself compared to the SAS guys I'll be posting up next.

    The rest of my Russians - when I finally get back to them - will most likely all be in these one-piece cam uniforms.