21 April 2010

Look what I picked up!!!!

Regular progress will continue after this short announcement...

The other night Leigh Neville and I played a Force-on-Force game down at EMIRS. I've written up a report on the "Ambush Alley Forum" and on "The Guild" (they're exactly the same) and will add it to this blog in due course.

While there a couple of club members were selling some goodies. From my mate Greg I picked up 2 Revell Panthers and a Panzer IV (for some other as yet not thought through project). Kevin was also selling some stuff and from him I grabbed these:


I'm pretty sure these are quite rare. I'm 100% sure that these M901's are my all time favourite Cold War vehicle. Sure, tons of stuff were heaps better, but for fugly functionality you just can't go past a Hammerhead.

One box was opened, while the other was still in its shrink wrap.

To top it off I had a little sticky beak in the opened one last night and discovered that there were parts for two M901's in there. A couple of bits are missing - pretty big bits like a hull and a chassis - but I'm hoping I can just use and Airfix or Trumpeter M113 to replace those parts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So I'm dead chufffed and can't wait to put these together.

Having fun


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