05 April 2010

Cold War British - Work-in-Progress

This is my other main Cold War Hot force. I do have Americans as well - but they will never pass muster with the rivet counting crowd and I won't be showing them on this blog - unless I really really like the way they eventually turn out!

I must admit I'm a bit of an anglophile (I guess) and have always loved some of the coolest kit in the British Army or the era. So when "The Tank Collection Magazine" started up in Oz, and the second issue was the Challenger Mk I, I decided that I these would be the perfect start to my Cold War Hot British force. I only needed a couple (or 3 actually). A month or so later and a Chieftan came out and I had to get a couple of those as well.


I always knew that I would need to repaint the Challengers as they can only be described as garish - but I was resisting painting the Chieftans - however, after a bit of a chat with the guys on the Guild and the AAG forum, I decided that they will all need repainting. Thanks guys!

The remainder of my Cold War Hot British armour is a couple of Revell Warrior MCV and 3 Britannia FV432 APCs. I was lucky enough to stumble across a Warrior at a Hobbytown USA store in Seattle and then got another from a chap on the Guild. I can't remember seeing a Warrior MCV in a shop in Sydney for years. I think they are out of production.

Each Britannia FV432 comes with a driver poking his head out of the driver's hatch and an open Commander's position, a metal commander and a hatch. One of the APCs has the rear hatch open, and comes with 2 squaddies - 1 with an SLR, and the other with a GPMG. Both very nice figures. I closed the hatch on 1 432, and used the commander of that vehicle as the commander of a Warrior.


Finally - here is a selection of Airfix airfield guards, ground crews and pilots - from their NATO Ground Crew box.


These are for a special (currently secret) little project of mine.

I also have some Liberation SAS Falklands era figures (for another secret project) - but these have not been based - so not photographed.

Have fun


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