06 April 2010

Revell T-72

Okay - on with the Soviet Armour show. The first Revell kit I picked up for this project - probably about a year ago - was a Russian T-72. It also became the first kit I had put together since I was about 12 or 13 years old. After years of fiddling around with 40K kits or Flames of war vehicles - where you complain if it has more than 10 parts - opening a Revell kit was a bit of a mind boggling experience.

Anyway - here is a link to the wikipedia page on T-72 tanks



I have to say I was very impressed - once I got the nerve to give it a go. It all fitted together very nicely, even the tracks - which as much as I hate them - look really, and arn't that hard to do - unless, like me, you get a bit cocky and don't do it properly. Thank goodness for track fenders (or whatever they are called) that can cover up my mistakes!

I'm not sure how "Wargamer Friendly" these kits will turn out to be. The turrets are crammed with boxes, smoke launchers etc, and some of them are only minimally attached to the turret. During the painting process a number of boxes were knocked off, and I had to paint them seperately and then glue them back onto the tank. Only careful handling (and transport - which I kind of dread) will keep them safe.

I found the 12.7mm dushkas quite hard to get off the sprue and then even more hard to clean, so some look a bit bent. Just need to be patient.

With my complete lack of modelling knowledge - and rating it strictly on fun and ease of build - I'd give the Revell T-72 a solid 8/10.


The T-72's were painted using the same colours and techniques as other Soviet kit. FoW Warpaint "Soviet Armour" spray, Citadel "Babab black" wash, then Vallejo Russian Green, faded up. Finally I again used Tamiya pastels to weather the tanks a little.

Tracks are German Grey, with a black wash and a rust wash mixed with Citadel "Orygn Flesh" wash and then hihlighted a little.

Mantlet covers as per the Forces of Valor tanks below.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I guess I do need to go back and paint the tow cables though. One day...




Well some of my links work and some don't - I'll endeavour to discover why.

Here are some useful Youtube clips:

Have fun


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