13 April 2010

Revell T-80

Well - time for a new post.

I've been hard at work on my Cold War Hot project and am actually a little ahead of my postings here. I do have a slightly more up to date W-I-P thread on the Guild here

My Guild Post

And I'll be trying to put up my completed stuff on the Ambush Alley Forum in the Figure Gallery

Look for RichardC

So onto the T-80. Here is my standard wikipedia:



So far I've only managed to pick up 2 of these beauties. I need at least one more of them to a correctly sized platoon.

Both of these kits went together relatively simply. They are much less finicky (if that's a word) than the T-72 kit. Pretty much everything is chunkier and simpler. The 12.7mm AA MG is much heavier looking, much less likely to break and can only be placed in one, forward firing, position.

The tracks look much simpler as well. Because I'm a bit of a gumbie when it comes to putting together kits, I stuffed up the tracks a bit, but that is nicely covered by the track guards!

I built both kits at the same time - which seemed to make the whole job much easier. Unlike the T-72's, which I left in about 3 peices for painting, I glued the hull to the tracks on these ones and painted it all in one go.


Not much to say here as these guys were painted at the same time as the T-72's in exactly the same. So it's probably best to jump straight to the pictures:




Here are my manditory youtube links...

Here's a video review and how-to for the Revell T-80 Kit...

Have fun


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