12 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Quick Reference Sheet(s)

So finally I've gotten around to loading this up.  I took a little while to review as I've made a fair amount of changes over time, so I needed to make sure it was up-to-date and matched the rules.  I'd say if you find any differences between the QRS and the rules - stick with the rules!  (And let me know)

So here is the link to the QRS

It's 4 pages long (which seems a bit long) but the first two pages have all the charts you need to play most of the game, while the second two pages have ATGM, LAW, RPG etc stats and SAM stats.  Hopefully this will mean less leafing through the book mid game.

If you print off the vehicle and gun stats you need and then use the QRS should should hardly need to refer to the rulebook except in weird circumstances.

Also there is now a new Official Battlegroup Forum which has a section to discuss the development of Battlegroup: NORTHAG.  You can find it here.




  1. Thanks for posting the QRS. That should certainly speed things up in game, save a lot of thumbing through for the right chart.

    Are you thinking of doing any of the British infantry or territorial battlegroups? Infantry in Saxons, Bedfords or Landies would be interesting.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. All good Andy - I hope it will be useful.

      Thanks for the reminder on the British Infantry list. I just had a quick look and I think it may be one of the ones I completed but I kind of forgot about! I might be able to put it up tomorrow.


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  3. Fantastic! Now if you could just hop on over to the states and help me finish painting up both of these forces I would be all set :)

  4. Ha! Send the ticket and I'll be straight over! :-)