28 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Helicopters!

Hi All

Tonight I'm posting up my first hack at a decent list of helicopters.  I would suggest that this list should supersede the list in the unofficial rulebook.  Here they are:

NATO Helicopter Data Set

WARPAC Helicopter Data Set

Like I said - they are a wee bit of a hack so I'd be interested in any feedback on thinks like IR Jamming, Countermeasures etc.  Those plus size, speed etc add together to create the Combined Defence Rating and can have an impact on Damage points.

Anyway - let me know what you think.

On another point - I've revised the following:

NATO Gun Data Table
Soviet Gun Data Table

UK AFV Data Table
Soviet AFV Data Table

UK Armoured Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Leningrad Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List

The gun data tables should look a bit cleaner and have a couple of changes within them.  The AFV data tables have been adjusted a little with the T-64B and BV made a bit better - about equal to a slightly downgraded T-72 equivalent.

The UK Armoured list has been adjusted as per some feedback, as have the Soviet lists and I've adjusted some of the points costs for tanks in the Soviet lists.



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