13 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - BAOR Infantry Division List

Pretty random update today.

Yesterday I was asked if I was going to do a British Infantry list for my BG: Cold War variant.  I went and had a quick look around as I knew I had started such a list - and then realised it was actually about 98% complete.  So I spent a bit of time finishing it off and here it is:

BAOR Infantry Division List

Now I'll freely admit that I find all the multitude of different British regiments and TO&Es etc a wee bit confusing so I hope I've done this some justice.  Please let me know about any faults etc.

So I think this is my fourth British list and I have in mind a possible 3 more if people are interested:

  • 5th Airborne Brigade (which could also be used to form the UK part of ACE Mobile Force)
  • 6th Airmobile Brigade
  • UK Mobile Force (which you could probably do with the BAOR Infantry List to be honest)
Anyway - who know what I'll find next that is nearly finished... West German Jaeger perhaps?

Have fun



  1. really loving this ,well done would like to see the airbourne and airmobile lists .many thanks

  2. Thanks Richard, much appreciated. Now I can put my Saxons on the table. 5th AB brigade sounds like fun - could be quite useful for Norway.

    Thanks again, Andy

    1. All good Andy. That’s the same reason I write the lists - so I can use my Saxons. One day I’ll get around to Paras.


  3. 5 AB was never earmarked for AMF(L). AMF(L) Northern Option was the only time UK Infantry battalion was allocated to either Norway or Denmark, along with a Recce Squadron and Arty Bty. At one point in the mid 80s, 1 PARA was the out of role Para Battalion based in Bulford which was earmarked. Saxon and Grizzly (from Canadians) did come to Denmark with us.

    AMF(L) South saw the Ge Luftlande and US Airborne battalions replacing the UK and Canadian forces.

  4. Hi Si - thanks for those very useful comments. What I meant (and clearly could have explained better) is that perhaps you could use the British Para options as will be outlined in a 5AB list, for the Para Battalion role in AMF. Rather than having to do another list. I may need to rethink that.