26 November 2017

The Zealand Campaign – Part Two – The Army Lists

So - onto the Army Lists.  First a couple of caveats:

1.  Part of the reason I'm looking at this campaign, in this setting (i.e. 1986 - NATO Northern Front) and these Army Lists is that I believe that there is very little chance of them having any cross-over with what may appear at some point in the future in Battlegroup: NORTHAG.  I very much want that Ironfist/PSC project to succeed and have played a little part in the project to date - and want that to continue.  So this is my effort to keep the Battlegroup Cold War flame burning - without competing in anyway with BG:NORTHAG.  So with that in mind:

2.  These Army Lists are completely unofficial work by a fan of the Battlegroup system and in no way endorsed by Battlegroup TM Ironfist Publishing Ltd or PSC.  Used without permission.  No challenge to their status intended.  All rights Reserved to their respective owners.

3.  These Army Lists are completely my own work and all mistakes etc are mine.

4.  The points values - while reasonably good - could probably be better and I consider them to be a work-in-progress but good enough to get in some balanced games

So with the caveats out of the way - here are the lists.  The links should work directly from here and I'll put them in the Battle for Denmark Documents section on the right


This list should allow you to make a LANDJUT or LANDZEELAND force with regular, territorial or Home Guard troops and a range of other options.


This list should allow you to make a 63rd Guards Kirkenneskaya Naval Infantry Brigade (Red Banner Northern Fleet) to attack Norway or a 36th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade (Twice Red Banner BalticFleet) to attack Denmark and/or the northern shore of West Germany.

Hopefully you'll find the lists relatively comprehensive (maybe a bit too comprehensive...) but I'd be happy for any feedback, corrections, additions etc.  Any help will be gratefully accepted.  Please let me know what you think.

Later this week - I'll be adding the NATO and Soviet Operation Orders for the beginning of the campaign.




  1. Good lists. A full company assault in 7 1/72nd scale Helix model would be a sight to behold.



    1. Thanks Pete. Yes I'd love to see that - but explaining to my wife why I needed 7 Helix's would be an interesting conversation!

  2. Oh my, fantastic work - I can see why Piers and Warwick et al have had you 'play a little part': brilliant research, nice and clear layout entirely in keeping with the BG format and makes me even more hungry for NORTHAG to appear. In the meantime, I will have to give your ideas a go! Thanks very much for your efforts!!

    1. Thanks Ian - would love to know how it plays out for you.