13 November 2017

Airfix Sheridan

Something a little out of left (or perhaps right) field to keep you all on your toes.  I was never really going to get any Sheridan's as they had pretty much disappeared - at least in Cavalry units - by my preferred 1986/87 timeframe.  I think the 82nd Airborne still fielded them then.

But with Battlegroup NORTHAG looking at an earlier timeframe I can see the value in having a couple of Sheridan's should I need them.

I got this at my local Wargaming Convention - MOAB - which was just over a month ago in Sydney.  It was a good decent price as well.  Please note I did not make or paint this - what you see in the pick is what I paid for.  So here it is:

Pretty damn well painted in my opinion.

Thanks for looking



  1. It looks more like the Airfix model ?

  2. To be honest Rolf, you could be right - I have no idea and just assumed it was the S-Model kit. Will have to wait until I get one and compare. There's a good excuse to buy another kit!

  3. I bought an s model box at the weekend , I can see now that your one is definitely an Airfix one . Regardless the Airfix one is still wonderful and an often forgotten kit ...

    1. Thanks for clearing that up for me Rolf. Is the S-Model kit significantly larger or different? Just wondering now if it is worth getting.


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