28 November 2017

The Zealand Campaign – Part Three – The Operational Orders

So this will be the last post for the week, but it will contain a fair amount of information - mainly in the form of links to documents that will assist in setting up the campaign.

I prepared an Operational Order for each side - I tried to make it look "real", but I've never been in the military so I've probably got it more than a little wrong!  The Soviet Combat Order style is loosely based on an article or two that I found, but mainly from a section in FM 100-2-1 on page 3-10 which talks about Division Command and Staff Procedures.

I'll provide all the links here - and they will also be reflected in the Battle for Denmark - Documents section on the right.

First up - the Soviet documents:

Soviet Naval Infantry Combat Order

Soviet Naval Infantry Map Set

Soviet Naval Infantry Map Key

Here's a pic of the port at Faxe Ladeplads to give you a look at the primary objective and the landing beaches:

You can also see the Air Assault elements LZ between the two wooded areas near the top right hand corner.

Now the Danish documents:

Danish OPORD

Danish Map Set

Danish Map Key

Here's another pic of the port.  This time taken from the south:

Although this is replicated in the Map Sets - here is a picture of the planned campaign area:

Once again I'd be very happy for any feedback, corrections, additions etc.  Please feel free to have a look and let me know what you think.




  1. An impressive amount of work has gone into those Operational Order- really sets the seen @(at least for a civvie like me- I imagine army types as used to them).



    1. Thanks Pete. Took a bit of time but was a good learning experience and quite enjoyable really.

  2. Magnificent. Your dedication is inspiring.

    1. Thanks Conrad - It was actually just a bit of fun putting it together.

  3. Look like you have faithfully replicated my Danish OOB.. :-) except I generously allowed some air support (BAOR TOW armed Lynx, Harrier, & Luftwaffe Phantoms). https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EHxA08mZcvM/WiNOoVzQT-I/AAAAAAAADiU/53mV71MjvWso0UaQVkfm_LgxQgVplmIfQCLcBGAs/s1600/danes.png

  4. Great looking force Doug! I'd not seen that before. 15mm I presume? Very impressive - something for me to aspire to.

  5. I´ve spotted a small translation error in the Danish OPORD
    "Alpha Selskab, 1.Bataillon, Danske Livregiment, 2.ZEALAND BRIGADE, Mechanised Infantry Company"
    The correct Danish translation for the military unit size company is Kompagni.