26 May 2016

Liberation Miniatures Royal Marines - Batch 1

So I've finally finished my first batch of Royal Marines - so of course had to share!  These figures are all from RH Models or Liberation Miniatures as I call them from the FALK range using just the figures with berets. Now I know that the Marines did not go into combat wearing their berets, but I like the thought of having a few figures in green berets mixed in with some standard British infantry in helmets to make up a full platoon and to give it a Royal marine look.

So here is what I have painted so far:

Blowpipe (or Javelin) Operator (left) and Boss Man (right)

Platoon Sergeant with L1A1 SLR or FN-FAL (left) and Platoon Officer with Sterling SMG or L2A3 (right)

84mm L14A1 Carl Gustav MAW gunners

Gimpie gunner with L7A2 (left) and L4A4 Bren LMG gunner (right)

51mm Mortar L9A1 operator (left) and radio operator (right)

Couple of the lads with L1A1 SLRs

3 more lads with L1A1 SLRs

Gunner and Loader with L7A2 GPMG on a L4A1 Buffered Tripod for sustained fire.

Milan ATGM Team

That's the whole damn lot!  You'll note I left all their pants an olive drab like colour (actually VMC Reflective Green) to again reinforce a slightly different look.  And of course it meant one less thing that I needed to paint in DPM!

I have about thirteen more marines to do, plus an Elhiem medium mortar team (in helmets) which will work for any of my British forces.

That's it for now.




  1. Lovely stuff - you did a cracking job there. I have a few done up as Royal Military Police.

  2. Great work, really cohesive feel to them. Are they 20mm?

  3. Looks good. Head gear variety is great (your plan to mix in guys with helmets, etc.). You could probably even throw in a few bare headed and bald guys in there too.

  4. Nice work there.



  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I could certainly see my boss man figure with a red RMP beret. In fact I have another whole set of these figures I intend to paint with maroon berets for my paras. Again I'll mix them in with the standard British troops. I've got at least 1 Milan team with bare heads.

    All my stuff is pretty much 20mm.



  6. Nice job indeed. I've always favoured Elhiem miniatures over Liberation, but with these pics you may have just secured Liberation another sale...

  7. I like these figures, I went for the ones in Cap Comforters, but like you I left the trousers in olive drab - they're nice figures & work well with my Winter of 79 scenarios....