12 April 2016

S&S 1/2 Ton Recce Land Rover with Elhiem Crew

On with the show...

Today's post is all about the S&S 1/2 Ton Recce Land Rover.  These are great little kits - resin bodies with a (1/2) ton of metal bits and peices to attach, including crew with interchangeable heads - some with berets, some helmets, some no head covering at all.

To keep in line with the rest of my stuff I had already bought some Elhiem figures for my crews - in particular Elhiem's:
  • BAOR15 BAOR Vehicle Crews
  • BAOR16 BAOR Vehicle GPMG Gunner
  • OBJ12 Driver wearing Beret
 I wanted two of this Landies to fill some recce slots for my Royal Marine force for Norway.  Here's how they came out:

Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2


So - that's them complete (maybe a little bit of mud added before an actual game...).  Again - I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

Next up - a couple of FFR Landies