25 April 2016

RAF Close Air Support - Work-In-Progress Part 1

The long weekend gave me an opportunity to try and start/progress a couple of things I had on the "To do" list for quite a while - namely finish off the building of a Jaguar GR.1 and build a Harrier GR.3 and get both of them ready for painting.

I bought the Jaguar very cheaply a couple of years back and probably built 99% of it a year ago but got distracted by something else (who could believe that!)  Here's its box art:

I beleive it is a reboxing of the original Hasegawa model - but I could be wrong.

This will actually be the 3rd Harrier GR.3 I've built - with the first two shown here and here.  These were done for a specific mission where they were on the ground and able to be targetted.  They were also "older" Airfix kits.  This Harrier would be flying and from the "newer" Airfix kit - here's the box art:

Got to say the Harrier kit was dreamy - so much better than the original - dead sexy.  So here's a quick pic of both the completed kits:

I gave them both a coat of Tamiya light gray surface primer and then a coat of Tamiya Dark Sea Gray:

which looks nice and grey in this photo - but looks a bit "bluey" to me...

Anyway - now trying to decide how to do the load-out of the Harrier (Jaguar is set in this regard) and whether to paint on the green wavey stripes with a brush of the air-brush ) which scares me...

That's it for now - ranty Richard has cooled down...




  1. Always love the Harrier. What a bird.

  2. Nice start. If the Harrier is a new tooling I may have to pick one up.



  3. Thanks chaps - I hope to do them both some justice.