13 April 2016

S&S 1/2 Ton Land Rover FFR with Elhiem Crew

So this is the last post on my S&S 1/2 Ton Land Rovers.  This particular version is the FFR variant (Fitted For Radio).

I'm not 100% sure why I got two of them.  My original thought was to get one to act a a Recce Command vehicle - then I must have had some kind of mini brain explosion and got two.  As I'm still not sure what to use the other one for (and I did not plan for it's crew) I decided to have one crewed and one un-crewed.  I can always change that in the future.

In an attempt to make the crewed FFR even more easy to tell apart from the Recce Landies, the driver is wearing a green beret and the front passenger gunner is armed with a Bren rather than a GPMG.  The rear is very different to the Recce ones as you will see.


The last photo gives you a bit of a clue of some of the radio equipment in the back.

I suppose I should at some point add aerials for effect - may do, but I have mixed experience with aerials (either breaking them or stabbing myself in the finger with them mid game) - so I'm not sure.

That's it for Landies for at least a while - next up a slight change in direction.




  1. Nice set of Landies! Definitely food for thought for my own projects... Glad you're blogging again and best wishes for a quick recovery!

  2. Very cool. The radio in the back is great. What have you been using for aerials? I found dust bin brush hairs to be flexible enough to never break and not sharp enough to prick the finger.

  3. Nice work. Cat whiskers work well for aerials too btw.



  4. Thanks guys. In the past I've always used wire - typically something like piano wire (I think)which has stabbed me on numerous occasions! No cat (they don't seem to like me for some reason) so I should definitely invest in a dush bin brush!


  5. I'm living in France at the moment and the bristles of all dust pan brushes I can find are 'wavy crimped'. Not a good look for miniatures. I envisage myself chasing the cat around the garden with a pair of scissors...