02 December 2015

S&S Models - M106 with Elhiem Crew

OK - so I rescued the blue peice of cardboard from behind the book shelf and cleaned most of my office of find some Tamiya weathering powder - so now I'm good to go with my S&S Models M106's.

As I showed earlier I painted them in Winter Verdant MERDC following the scheme found here.  I armed one with the standard .50 cal and the other with an M60.  Mainly to help tell them apart.  The only stowage on the .50 cal armed M106 is a cam net lashed to the front of the vehicle, while the M60 armed one has a spare wheel and a cam net on the rear upper deck.

So here are the finished photos:

Now some individual shots - starting with the M60 GPMG armed M106:


And now the .50 cal armed M106:


So there you go - all finished.