15 December 2015

Final Soviet Naval Infantry Troops

My original plan was to be able to run 2 platoons of Soviet Naval Infantry (SNI) along with some attachments, like ATGM, SAM and mortar teams, Forward Observers and of course a Company Command team.

I'll be using the (mostly) Zvezda troops in the SNI black uniforms for 1 platoon, shown previously here and Liberation Miniatures in sun-bunny camo coveralls and helmets like these here as the other platoon.

I laid them all out and realised I still needed several figures, including the Company Commander, a sniper and some radio operators - so I had a look through the stash and found 1 or two useful chaps and made a little order with Elhiem Figures to finish them off (I hope...).

Here's the result - First up the Company Commander plus a couple of chaps with radios:

Now a couple of standard troopers, one of which has a BG-15 underslung grenade launcher attached to his AK-74:

And finally the SNI sniper (I really like this figure):

And that's it.  Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to pull everything together and show all my SNI troops and equipment.



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  1. Very nice work chief. That elheim SVD fella is excellent. I have the smoking chap, but more than one looks a little odd.